About us..

Hey there! We’re Kriti and Keertana, 13-year-old identical twins from the bustling city of Houston, Texas. We’re not your typical teenagers – we’re on a mission! “She Knew She Could” isn’t just our brand; it’s our battle cry. It’s a belief that ignites a fire in us, a fire to empower young girls and women to recognize their incredible potential.

We embarked on this adventure with one goal: to channel our ideas into something that could make a difference. “She Knew She Could” became our way to shout that message from the rooftops. We designed some awesome products that fuel amazing causes, especially those that champion education for girls. Because when girls are educated, the whole world rises!

We want “She Knew She Could” to be a vibrant community that embraces the diverse journeys we each undertake. We advocate for inclusivity, recognizing that our collective strength is amplified when we come together. Each individual background and story contributes to the remarkable fabric of unity we are weaving.

Our merchandise reflects this spirit, with proceeds supporting charities that champion girls’ education. But the true power lies beyond the products. When you rock our designs, you’re not just wearing empowered products – you’re embodying the “She Knew She Could” spirit. You’re a walking reminder of your own incredible potential and a symbol of the positive change we’re making together.
Join us, Kriti and Keertana, on this journey! Be a part of the next generation of empowered girls. Because “She Knew She Could” isn’t just a phrase; it’s a promise. It’s a promise to ourselves, to each other, and to the future.

Empowering your Climb to Success
Our logo represents a mountain, symbolizing beauty, resilience, power, and endurance, along with the emotive power of a heart signifying passion, enthusiasm, and excitement. This fusion represents a solid foundation rooted in both strength and emotion, resonating particularly with young girls and women. It serves as a timeless symbol of the journey of breaking boundaries, one step at a time (mountain), towards infinite potential (triangle). The Power of a Mountain, the Power of a Heart, and the Power of a Triangle each offer valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of women’s strengths, from resilience and compassion to balance and adaptability. ..

Make it happen. Shock them all!

She knew she could.™

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