About She Knew She Could


Welcome to She Knew She Could, a female-founded lifestyle brand and online community that aims to inspire women to realize their potential and tap into their inner strength.

We believe that women have everything they need within them to do great things, exactly as they are right now. And with that knowledge and confidence in their own abilities and the understanding that they are enough, they can change the world.

Our accessories and apparel are designed as a reminder to women everywhere that they are strong. And that believing in themselves is their greatest superpower.

Why the triangle shape?

The triangle is the most powerful shape.

The shape also represents a mountain. Meaning: One step at a time we can climb anything!

Lastly, the heart symbolizes our connection to ourselves and those we love.  Even when apart, we are together.

Putting those elements together are the constant reminder:

 She knew she could. 

Make it happen. Shock them all!

She knew she could.™