Meet the Team – Us ‘ Twins’

Hi! We are Kriti and Keertana, 13-year-old identical twins from the bustling city of Houston. We have always shared more than our looks and shy faces, but also an everlasting bond. Our hearts beat as one, our thoughts often reflected, our dreams connected like a symphony of melodious musical notes, waiting to be heard. "So, She Knew she could... Where do we even begin? Okay. Buckle up; it is a rollercoaster ride. The idea began to sprout during Covid times. The good part: we, as a family, for the first time, spent all 24 hours solely with each other - cooking, gardening, reading together, binge-watching movies, and the list goes on. Our parents made us realize that this wasn’t a regular break; it was a serious situation. The pandemic was causing immense suffering around the world, worse than war. Families were being torn apart, and doctors were tirelessly fighting to save lives. This ignited a sense of purpose within our family. We brainstormed ways to help those in need, discussing how to donate effectively and ensure our contributions reached those who truly needed them. During the summer of 2022, we went on a family trip to India, our parents’ [...]