Meet the Team – Us ‘ Twins’

Hi! We are Kriti and Keertana, 13-year-old identical twins from the bustling city of Houston. We have always shared more than our looks and shy faces, but also an everlasting bond. Our hearts beat as one, our thoughts often reflected, our dreams connected like a symphony of melodious musical notes, waiting to be heard.

“So, She Knew she could… Where do we even begin? Okay. Buckle up; it is a rollercoaster ride. The idea began to sprout during Covid times. The good part: we, as a family, for the first time, spent all 24 hours solely with each other – cooking, gardening, reading together, binge-watching movies, and the list goes on.

Our parents made us realize that this wasn’t a regular break; it was a serious situation. The pandemic was causing immense suffering around the world, worse than war. Families were being torn apart, and doctors were tirelessly fighting to save lives. This ignited a sense of purpose within our family. We brainstormed ways to help those in need, discussing how to donate effectively and ensure our contributions reached those who truly needed them.

During the summer of 2022, we went on a family trip to India, our parents’ homeland. India, in our minds, is a paradise personified. Picture this: vibrant colors, delicious smells, historic sights, and enough cultural wonders that can leave you in awe. However, a reality check hit us. When we ventured into rural areas, we faced the harsh truth. Farmers toiling away for minimal wages, women caught up in unending farming chores, and, most dishearteningly, girls our age who had never had the opportunity to step inside a classroom, missing out on the chance for education and growth…

While our days in Houston were filled with school, homework, music lessons, and vacations, in India, we saw girls of our age working in fields, bent under the harsh sun. Our eyes met those of a group of young girls, their tattered clothes and shy smiles speaking of a life vastly different from our own. We witnessed the flicker of potential in bright eyes, dimmed by limited opportunities. A conversation with our cousins and aunts revealed these girls had rarely attended school, facing hurdles from access to education to societal expectations that clipped their wings before they could dream of flight. It felt like someone had abruptly shattered our vacation dreams with a cold bucket of reality.

After we returned to Houston, our parents often emphasized how lucky we are compared to the young girls leading rather underprivileged lives. They have continuously stressed how basic education can make a significant difference.

We really wanted to help young girls and women. We envisioned ourselves as empowerment superheroes, telling them that anything and everything is possible, even if it meant defying gravity. The problem? Hmm, our ‘tiny impossible brains’ and shy introverted personalities were clueless about how to do all this—a dream bigger than our shoe size, with brains still stuck in ‘how does photosynthesis work?’ mode. “But hey, at least we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves, right? Wait, it doesn’t end there; there’s more…

We said let’s donate and donate more. However, my parents held a distinct perspective on this matter. They believed that it was easy for us to donate money since it wasn’t our hard-earned one. According to them, we didn’t fully understand the efforts and sacrifices required to earn and donate money.

My parents often emphasized that donating money, while a commendable act, is the simplest form of giving, but true giving goes beyond that. They believed real generosity involves getting personally involved and understanding the needs of those you’re helping. To them, just giving money seemed distant and self-satisfying. We realized that there was more to making a difference than simply writing a check. It required empathy, commitment, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others. It resonated deeply within us and challenged our perception of giving.

Kriti started, “Let us build a place where girls can find stories about other girls who did incredible things? Just like ‘The Rebel Girls.'” “And not just stories,” added Keertana, “but advice, resources…like a guiding hand on their journey.”


“Our countless conversations and disagreements evolved into ‘She Knew She Could.’ Even our parents, usually immune to our ‘big ideas,’ were floored. Fast forward two years of website wrangling, merchandise designing, and procurements—here we are! ‘She Knew She Could’ is all about empowering others and reminding them, just like Beyoncé sings, ‘Who runs the world? Girls!’ Except, in our case, it’s girls who code, girls who create, and girls who change the world, one fueled mission at a time.”

So, are you ready to join the SKSC squad? We’re not just selling products, we’re selling a revolution, and it starts with you!

As Amelia Earhart said : The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

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