Mother Daughter Love Connection Necklace

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$23.95 for the first 2 necklaces. $10 for each additional necklace.
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A bond from the heart can never be broken.

There is a special power that comes from looking down at a necklace that you both wear together.

It reminds you in tough times, or just when you miss each other, that you are always connected. Your love can never be broken and you believe in each other!

Whether your daughter is going to school, lives in another city, or is still at home with you, wearing your jewelry allows you to feel that smile coming from your heart.

Necklaces come on an 18″ chain.

The stainless steel plate will not rust..


Share Your Strength Donation Program:

We want to share your story. When you receive your products, submit a photo of both of you wearing your She Knew She Could bracelets or necklaces and the story of your unbreakable bond. When we receive your story we will donate a bracelet to a women’s shelter, to remind a woman of her inner-strength.   

You may be featured on our website!

Each card comes with 2 necklaces and nicely packaged in our signature gift box.


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